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Dive Into These 11 Unbelievable Swimming Pools

These are not your typical backyard swimming pools. Find an oasis in the middle of the desert, a watering hole perched high in the jungle, and the hip place to party with unadulterated views of towering skyscrapers. If your ideal getaway means blue water set against gorgeous scenery, check out these amazing–and sometimes bizarre–places to swim around the globe.
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The 7 hottest jobs in IT

If you’re burning out on your current gig, or feel that your role may be heading toward a dead end, it might be time for a change. To that end, we reached out to recruiters, executives, and tech pros, asking them to weigh in on the best opportunities they see evolving in the year ahead. What they came up with may surprise you, a mix of bleeding-edge tech and standbys that make up the hottest jobs currently hiring in IT.

We've Bred the Taste Out of Tomatoes. Here's How to Bring It Back.

The novelist Tom Robbins has said that if he were ever offered a last meal, he would ask that it be a sun-warmed tomato sliced and placed on two pieces of white bread, slathered in Best Foods or Hellman's mayo. Americans buy $2 billion worth of fresh and processed tomatoes each year, according to the USDA, and only China produces more of them.
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11 technologies developers should explore now

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6 terrible tech managers—and how to succeed despite them

No amount of free sodas and beer Fridays are going to wash away the taste of bad leadership. If your dream development gig is turning into a nightmare and your projects are suffering, it might be time to manage up your boss—before your career takes a turn in the ditch. Management guru and author Peter Drucker said that “only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance.
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Electronic Junk Is Piling Up in Asia at an Alarming Rate

Rising incomes and high demand for electronics created an almost two-thirds jump in e-waste in East and Southeast Asia over five years, reports a new study. The research was conducted from 2010 to 2015 by the UN's academic and research arm, United Nations University. The study looked at 12 countries: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
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Fracking Spills Are Far More Widespread Than We Thought

A new report from Duke University found 6,648 spills at hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells were reported across Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Pennsylvania over 10 years. The spills, which occurred between 2005 and 2014 at 31,481 wells, contained "hydrocarbons, chemical-laden water, hydraulic fracturing fluids and other substances," the study reports.
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7 deadly career mistakes developers make

You'll find no shortage of career motivational phrases surrounding failure: Fail fast, failure builds character, the key to success is failure, mistakes make you grow, never be afraid to fail. But the idea of mistaking your way to the top of the software industry is probably unsound. Every developer will have their share of missteps in a career but why not learn from others’ experience -- and avoid the costliest errors?
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Clouds ahead: What an IT career will look like five years out

Don't get us wrong: In today's quickly evolving tech world, it's easy to get lost chasing the turbulent present moment. The pace of change can be dizzying, and keeping up on everything that's emerging in IT today can drive even the most devoted tech worker to distraction. But IT pros who don't take the time to lift their heads and assess the likely IT landscape five years out may be asking for career trouble.
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A 'Lost Continent' Has Been Found Under the Island of Mauritius

A piece of an ancient continent, running the length from India to Madagascar, has been discovered under the tiny island of Mauritius off of the east coast of Africa. The lost continent was formed in the breakup of the supercontinent Gondwana, which began pulling apart about 200 million years ago. The small piece of crust was later covered by lava from volcanic eruptions on the island, researchers said, after the breakup of Africa, India, Australia and Antarctica, which formed the Indian Ocean.
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Lava Meets the Ocean Near Hawaii Volcano

Lava meet ocean: Ocean, this is lava. It's land being formed before your eyes: What's not to like? Geological survey reported this week that 2,000-degree lava from the Kilauea volcano made its way across part of the big island of Hawaii's Volcanoes Park, and met the ocean for the first time since 2013.
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The Line on Wimbledon

A report from Paul Heltzel, senior producer at National Geographic Digital Media and tennis fan: Despite its lofty image, Wimbledon is one major sporting event where you don’t have to be well connected–or well organized–to get in. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club holds about 6,000 places for the general public to purchase tickets at the turnstiles.
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